COMBO // Bags Collection

COMBO // Bags Collection
Product designed with Tagmi Studio for NavaDesign
Combo is a collection of soft accessories designed with Tagmi Studio for Nava Design.

Nava Design is an office-design oriented company born in Milan 50 years ago. The Combo collection born from the intuition of Danilo, designer of Tagmi studio. He is a maker and he is always looking for something new and useful to make, especially for him. He is his main client and from his needs he find the answers.

This collection was born in that way. He came to show us with his idea because he wanted it for mass production.

The idea was actually cool but raw. Hand-in-hand we defined every details to keep it cool but still good for production.
Combo is a Backpack but also a Tote bag. And in this limbo we navigated. A special mention goes to the office organisation made from detachable pouches and pc sleeve, so that you can be free to use it as you want to.

Combo is enterally made of PU fabric, with polyester webbing. Now on sale.

2019. Italy. Milan.