Manutti – rebranding

outdoor luxury.

one enormous
but clear challenge.

Manutti was faced with a serious issue, a towering challenge: it knew very well what it was and what it stood for, but had the strong sense that its existing and potential customers had a different take on these things. In other words, the brand did not reflect Manutti’s true identity. Customers no longer felt close to it.

Manutti was pretty well known. For two decades, it had focused on the design and production of luxury outdoor furniture – unique pieces of high quality; certain items in the collection had virtually achieved iconic status. Yet too few potential customers could imagine themselves on a Manutti.

Furthermore, in addition to its attractive and exclusive appearance, Manutti’s furniture also has an inviting quality: it entices you to sit down and enjoy it with family and friends, but also to relax on it – to really make it part of your life. The problem was that Manutti’s brand and brand story were no longer conveying its added value in people’s lives.

from a new
brand position
to a true story.

At Skinn, after extensive research, and above all a detailed analysis of competitors who had copied all the good things Manutti had done over the years, we set about restoring that connection with so many potential customers. There was only one possible way of doing this: by reinventing the brand and going back to basics.

Manutti needed a new brand story and a new visual identity. An inviting story that would once again enable the brand to claim a role in people’s lives. It needed to be brought back to life, in a context recognisable to potential customers.

To make this possible, Skinn worked on various elements of the brand, but the starting-point was a new story. The Manutti Moments were created to make it clear that Manutti really is part of everyday life – a setting where life happens, not a work of art that just looks beautiful.

the creation of a
flexible toolbox.

We developed a new story and adapted the style of photography to match. We made Manutti more human, and so more accessible. In addition, we developed motion elements to really bring the brand to life, starting with a new graphic element: the sun. Manutti is a story for every day and every moment of the day, from sunrise to sunset. This element feeds the new brand in a very recognisable way, gives it movement and thus links the brand directly to the brand story.

The creation of additional brand claims enabled the brand to make its presence felt on a variety of channels, both off- and online. In this way, Manutti acquired a new, flexible toolbox it could use to communicate in a recognisable but varied manner on social media and other channels.

a new future
that can live up
to new ambitions.

In this way, Skinn built a new future for Manutti – a future in which the brand was able to reconnect with its target group. Ensuring Manutti’s ability to grow further in the outdoor luxury market.